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University of Pavia

Welcome to the “Wounds Suture Procedures” Course 2024.

The course program focuses on the acquisition of basic theoretical/practical skills for the correct execution of skin suture and surgical knots procedures. We will guide you through all the fundamental technical steps, from correctly wearing sterile gloves and handling suture needles and needle holders, to performing various types of sutures including simple detached stitches, Donati stitches and running sutures; we will then conclude with knotting and stitch removal techniques.
The educational material of the course is here available, which includes both a theoretical part and videos where an expert surgeon shows you all the techniques that will be covered during the course. Take a look to the available material before your practical session to enjoy an informed and interactive participation!

The course is divided into different sessions, depending on the received registration requests. Each session (1 hour) will include a brief theoretical introduction, a practical exercise where the student will be able to simulate suturing and surgical knots procedures and a final debriefing moment. The course will be held at the Clinical Simulation Laboratory of the Campus della Salute of the University of Pavia. The final calendar will be provided according to the number of received registration requests.

N.B. During the course, educational material under patenting will be shown. Before participating in the course, each student must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). The NDA form will be provided at the beginning of the course and must be duly completed and signed before accessing the Clinical Simulation Laboratory.

To join the course you must register at the following LINK!

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