Pediatric Surgery

Paediatric Surgery

High resolution 3D printers allow the reproduction of small anatomical structures such as pediatric ones.

3D print allow the reproduction of pediatric anatomical structures such as tumor of the sacrum or  thoracic metastases.

The role this provides for professionals from the medical field is clear.

Shortening the time and producing a model specifically designed for each patient is an added value that this technology provides. Such a personalised device can then be 3D printed in less time and at a reduced cost compared to traditional methods.

3D printed model of the sacrum to identify the degree of tumor infiltration in a pediatric case

We provide products and services to assist surgeons and medical staff in planning surgeries. 3D4Med helps simplify the preoperative planning of tumor masses, significantly reducing surgical time and costs.

3D printed model of a complete pediatric rib cage for the pre-operative planning of tumor masses surgical removal

Even before the pathological diagnosis is received from the laboratory, surgeons are faced with the difficult task of planning complex tumor removal operations. Additive manufacturing (AM) can assist with this planning through a procedure called preoperative planning. This is a 3D-assisted way of simulating surgery and enables surgeons to plan operations prior to the actual procedure in order to minimize the patient’s tumor and healthy tissue damage.