3D4MED – 3D Printing for Surgery

3D4MED Laboratory is equipped with different 3D printing technologies able to create patient-specific anatomical models for surgical planning, training and simulation, and to develop patient-specific instrumentation and innovative prototypes.


The laboratory was born from the collaboration between the group of Computational Mechanics and Advanced Materials, coordinated by Prof. Ferdinando Auricchio, Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture of the University of Pavia, and the Unit of General Surgery II of the Policlinico San Matteo, directed by Prof. Andrea Pietrabissa.


Engineering and medical skills are the two fundamental ingredients that allowed us to study and understand 3D printing potentialities, with the aim of structuring them in an integrated service within the daily clinical-assistance reality of the Policlinico San Matteo — Prof. A. Pietrabissa


Prof. Fabio Rugge, Chancellor of the University of Pavia, and Dr. Fabrizio Sala, Vice-President of Regione Lombardia took part in the Event, together with the General Director of I.R.C.C.S. Policlinico San Matteo of Pavia, Dr. Nunzio Del Sorbo.


“The clinical 3D printing laboratory is an example of how research and innovation can produce an extraordinary result, in tune with the University of Pavia and research centers. Only by focusing on research it is possibile to create development” —Dr. F. Sala


“We strongly believed in 3D printing, it is one of the five research Strategic Areas of our University. ” — Prof. F. Rugge