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Discover the pioneering applications of 3D printing in our medical laboratory, showcased in a compelling video by Stratasys. Witness how our innovative approach revolutionizes medical care, from personalized surgical planning to advanced medical education. Join us in exploring the transformative impact of 3D printing on modern healthcare.
3D4Med and Stratasys will discuss how 3D printing can become a systematic part of everyday hospital life with multiple uses such as support for planning surgical and interventional procedures, preoperative training and simulation, informed consent, and training and development of new medical devices and instrumentation.
3D Printing can help surgeons to improve existing procedures or to create innovative approaches. In this study, we show how a 3d printed anatomical model can support neurosurgeons to plan a complex craniectomy  for cerebral bone tumor resection.
This study aimed to improve pre-operative planning using a novel approach with 3D patient-specific models reconstructed from MRI or CT images.